How we think

At Offset, we believe in building meaningful relationships with our clients, and the importance of investing up front in a deep understanding of the problems we’re solving. Agnostic when it comes to aesthetics, we’re nonetheless stubborn about working exclusively with companies and people who are passionate about what they do.

Ultimately we strive to build brands, tell stories and create useful tools for people who are committed to enriching the culture where they work and live.


What we offer

While we often blur the boundaries between identity, content, and commerce, it’s fair to say most of our work falls within the following categories:

Visual Identity

We believe that establishing clear and flexible visual systems that can be used across myriad formats (both digital and analog) is a basic necessity. Core elements include logos, typefaces, and colors as well as basic guidelines for usage. Whether your company is seeking to establish a new identity or looking to evolve an existing one, we’re up for the challenge.

Label Design & Packaging

A product’s visual Identity is made tactile through the design of its packaging. And to be successful, the design must balance creativity with practicality. Much of our work in this category has been focused in the wine, beer and spirits space where designs must also address regulatory requirements.

Brand Strategy

We’re leery to break this out as it’s own segment (since it’s a fundamental Offset tenet that good design and good strategy go hand-in-hand), but while strong brand strategy should be at the heart of any creative project it’s often missing from the initial exploration. Whether associated with a specific project or used as a stand alone exercise to help roadmap future endeavors, charting specifics for your brand is a smart investment.

Content Strategy

Successful content always has good thinking behind it – full stop. Determining what needs to be said, how (and why) to say it, as well as where it will live and spread (particularly online) can be more complicated than it initially appears. We offer experienced assistance in this area to help guide both traditional and digital projects.

Content Development

Offset project content is developed in close collaboration with an outstanding network of writers, editors, photographers, illustrators and filmmakers. We advocate for a “Hollywood” model, assembling the right talent for the job at hand. Worth mentioning: many of our finest co-contributors are people we have met through our clients, and our door is always open to new talent.

Website Design & Development

With a focus on content and / or creative integration of commerce, Offset websites are highly personalized to the companies who commission them. Think of us as your architect. We work closely with our clients to create “dream homes” rather than simply selecting a model and applying custom finishes. This process requires deep collaboration, and (we believe) the sites speak for themselves. Have a look.

Commerce Strategy

It seems simple enough to make something great and then sell it online, but having developed and evolved Figure (a proprietary wine sales software used by many highly respected wineries and wine retailers) we know firsthand how humbling entrepreneurship can be. Which is also why we’re pretty comfortable saying that if you’re looking to sell things online, a well defined strategy is essential and we can help with that.

Creative Partnerships

Offset is always on the lookout for ways to blur the traditional lines between studio and client. If, following a long term creative project, you are interested in leveraging our collective creative experience let’s explore how we might be able to provide de facto support for your internal teams and senior management with respect to ongoing creative strategy and execution.

Who we are

Because everyone likes to put a face to a name (no matter how ardently we’d prefer not to have our pictures taken).

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Byron Hoffman

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A beautiful website can only take you so far. Frustrated with the software options available for online wine commerce, we designed our own.

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