The Home Index: What’s in a Name

As Poorhouse, a Napa Valley based boutique expanded from a small home goods shop to a more robust emporium and design resource, Offset was tasked with developing new nomenclature and creating an identity system to communicate the evolution to new and existing customers.

The Home Index

The Home Index name was inspired by the company’s newly clarified mission of not only selling furnishings but providing typically hard to access professional interior design resources to avid do-it-yourselfers. To visually reinforce the concept, “index” was typeset in classic serif italics, referencing the formatting often present in traditional book indices, and serves as a visual counterpoint to the modern san-serif typography used for “the home”. The resulting contrast of modern and traditional also speaks subtly to the stylistic breadth of the client’s product selection.

Extending the Visual Identity

The Home Index

Building on the typographic concept, branded bookmarks (pictured above) and other print materials introduce playful pops of color into the otherwise stark black and white visual identity system, allowing store products (not hang tags) to take center stage. As with most identity projects, seeds planted during collaborative design meetings have sparked intriguing ideas outside of the scoped deliverables – one of our favorites being an in-store design reference library open to shop visitors. (Bookmark, anyone?)

Defining the System

Brand guidelines outlining logotype use, typefaces and colors as well as layout treatments for social media, signage and materials such as shopping bags and seasonal collateral ensure that this small but growing company can adhere to professional standards as they continue to evolve.


Visual Identity System
Brand Standards



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